Our people

“At Axxor, we focus on our People, our greatest asset.

We implement collective learning systems to facilitate craftmanship and technological innovation within individuals.

We seek to provide a culture that is open, safe and promotes teamwork within and between functions.

We are happiest when we are innovating and learning together and are highly driven to further develop our craft to serve you better.

While working with us, some of the friendly faces that you may interact with include:”

Wieger Wiegersma

Chief Executive Officer (ceo), Owner

Robert Boerrigter

President, co-owner Axxor na

Frank Veldhuis


Matthijs van Hunen


Martijn Pietersen

Supply Chain Manager

Dariusz Chadyniak

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Niels van Stijn

Manager Axxor Technology

Steven Boerrigter

Operations Manager

Tomasz Mania

Operational Manager

Hendri Roessink

Operational Manager

Anthonie Verschuure

Quality Manager

Laura Sneller

Assistent to Management

Greg Traynham

Manager Logistics, Planning & Procurement NA

Danny Klasens

Danny Klasens

Sales Manager

Sales manager Adrian Osinski

Adrian Osinski

Sales Manager

Mirjam De Heer

Coordinator Internal Sales NL

Raoul Hijkoop

Senior Sales Engineer

Conrad MacBeth

Sales Engineer NA

Hugo Enrique Lara Huerta

Sales Engineer

Shane Bender

Technical Sales Manager

Wim Soepenberg

Senior Project Engineer Industrial Automation

Michal Kierzkowski

Sales Engineer

Marco van der Most

Supply Chain Planner NL

Blazej Dzik

Supply Chain Planner PL

Michal Szymanski

Cont. Improv. and Planning PL

Thomas Bult

Cont. Improv. and Planning NL

Karolina Gaweł

HR Business Partner PL

Assandra Scholte

HR Business Partner NL

Krista Boerrigter

Office manager / HR - NA

Patrick Schurink

Site Engineer NL

Robert Heerkes

Application Manager

Wout Zwiep

Process Engineer

Jeroen de Boer

Controller NL

Bartosz Przybylski

Controller PL

Maciej Klementowski

Quality control coordinator

Pam Mensavage

Quality & Safety Manager NA

Lukasz Michalczak

Quality Coordinator PL

Eddy Heeger

Quality Coordinator NL

Lukasz Feluks

Quality controller

Paulina Jakuszewicz

Quality controller