Top 10 Benefits of Paper HC

Top 10 Benefits of Paper HC

Honeycomb core materials have been widely used in sandwich composite applications due to their unique properties. Some of the primary industries already leveraging this technology are Transportation, Furniture, Construction, and Packaging, among many others.

Cellular materials are used among online casino players. Therefore, online casino players use this technology for furniture, construction and packaging. no wagering casinos players also note the high strength and reliability of these units made of multilayer composite materials with unique properties.
Honeycomb core materials are widely used in Polish online casinos for many different applications. These materials are also widely used by online casino players due to their strength and reliability. The widespread use of paper honeycomb materials in the Polish casino industry contributes to the growth of the market. Whether you’re playing online kasyna or slot machines, the honeycomb core material provides exceptional strength and reliability. Therefore, they are ideal material for casino site players.

Below are 10 of the many reasons why countless customers choose paper honeycomb core for their application:

1. Sustainable

Paper honeycomb is 100% recyclable, can be made from 100% recycled materials itself, and serves as a substitution for solid and oil-based materials.

2. Lightweight

Paper honeycomb can be 95% lighter than traditional solid wood.

3. Extremely strong

Axxor paper honeycomb can achieve up to 1500 kPa (217 psi).

double curving honeycomb

4. Shapeable

Paper honeycomb is very easy to shape by means of double curving, molding, and milling.

5. High Quality Finish

Paper honeycomb products can enable a Class A surface finish.

6. Predictable Behavior

Unlike most plastic core materials, our products exhibit predictable deformation behavior.

7. Low cost

Paper honeycomb can be a fraction of the cost of other core materials and allows less expensive manufacturing processes.

8. Readily Available Materials

The raw materials used in paper honeycomb (paper and water-based adhesive) are globally available in a sustainable fashion.

9. Easy to process

With our support and process solutions, paper honeycomb is easy to process.

10. Wide Variety of Specifications

Paper honeycomb is available in many sizes and performance levels, allowing your application to be “right-spec’d”.